Sep 5, 2008

What Could Be Better Than a Free Vacation?

Wow--talk about a great way to save some money! Winning a free vacation somewhere would be just about the ultimate way to save money. And there are some very smart companies out there that actually offer free vacations to their employees as incentive rewards. I would so love to work for a company that did that for their employees..I know the thought of winning a free vacation with travel expenses included would definitely inspire me. And with a company like, that provides incentive travel based vacation rewards, it's easy for companies to offer corporate incentivesto their employees. Bellwether is a top incentive travel company and their travel rewards programs have helped companies such as Blue Cross/ Blue Shield, First Tennessee Bank, Siemens ICN, Frito Lay and other highly successful organizations. Oh yea--would I love to win a free vacation--if only I worked for a company that offered me the chance.

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