Healthy Family Meals On a Budget Your Family Will Love

Healthy Family Meals On a Budget Your Family Will Love
Healthy Family Dinners on a Budget

A Baby Shower Gift That Has Special Meaning

I remember almost every detail of my last pregnancy, down to my prenatal visits with my OB. As I watch my now two year old playing these days, I get nostalgic remembering the days where I would sit in the waiting room at my obstetrician's office, eagerly awaiting my turn. There is nothing, in my book, that compares to hearing the heartbeat at those visits, and getting to see the baby on an ultrasound.
I remember reading the pamphlets that were in my doctor's office about cord blood banking, and talking to my hubby about it. I had previously read and heard about cord blood banking with my other pregnancies as well, but did not give it as much thought at those times. But over the years the news about the potential life-saving benefits of stem cells collected from cord blood has been amazing. These stem cells can treat 70 diseases, including leukemia, anemia, lymphoma, diabetes and cerebral palsy. That is truly remarkable. So with my last pregnancy, we did give this idea some very serious thought. And though ultimately we did not choose to do it, I still have misgivings today about our decision. But unfortunately, finances played a big role in our final decision.
International now offers a wonderful option for those looking for a special gift for parents-to-be... a gift certificate for cord blood banking. I would have so loved getting one when I was pregnant. This is really a gift that could one day be life-saving. It is worth taking a look at the current offers Cyro-Cell has, and read more about the life-saving potentials that cord stem cells may offer.