The Hottest toy For Christmas This Year? guess is that Mattel is hoping their new "Elmo" doll will be the buzz toy of this year's holiday season. The newest version, "Elmo Live" is supposed to be the most life-like and realistic yet. Elmo can now flap his arms and wiggle around just like the real thing. His head moves back and forth as he speaks. He waves his arms, sits and stands, even crosses his legs all the while telling stories and jokes, singing songs and playing games For the price tag of $60.00 that comes along with the newest Elmo, he should do a lot.

Now I'm not anti-Elmo, really I'm not. I have always loved the red furry goofy guy. As a matter of fact, we have Tickle me Elmo, and the TMX Elmo, not to mention a couple plain old stuffed versions of the big eyed muppet. And while I actually would love to surprise my two year old with this latest Elmo on Christmas morning, at $60.00 I don't think we'll be seeing that red fuzzy guy under our tree this year.

My 4 year old doesn't have time for Elmo this year...he is on to bigger and better things like remote controlled dinosaurs. And my two year old, who still does love Elmo and just yesterday decided he would carry TMX Elmo everywhere with him (luck Elmo--my boy is fickle--today it will be another lucky toy and Elmo will lay discarded somewhere), does not yet get into what is a hot toy to demand to have and what is not.

But I am curious to see how the unveiling of this latest "Elmo" goes. Will it cause distress among parents trying to buy the coveted toy of the season, and will "Elmo Live" be showing up on Ebay auctions soon? Or will the economy this year put a damper on Mattel's hopes? And will "Elmo Live" end up living on toy shelves much longer this year than before?

Are you thinking of buying "Elmo Live" for a Christmas present this year?

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@2023 All Rights Reserved.