Home-Made Valentine's Day Desserts Everyone Will love

Home-Made Valentine's Day Desserts Everyone Will love
Valentine's Day Desserts

Life is Best When Shared With Someone You Love

Sometimes I have moments of clarity and realize just how lucky I am to be married to my hubby. Sadly, I do not often enough have these moments. I think way down the knowledge is always there yet the day to day trials and tribulations we all go through tends to push those feelings of gratitude and being blessed aside. It's like second nature almost to find fault or blame for some minor (in the grand scheme of things) altercation with my hubby. The silliest of things like who should be changing a diaper and who is on homework duty will cause us to be short with each other and feel so put upon.
And then there are the days where work, life and kids have us running to keep up that we kind of pass by each other as we make our way through another day with barely time to speak to each other.
But then come those special moments of clarity out of the blue--when I am least expecting it. I will find my tired hubby holding my little boy n his lap, and telling him a story. And I will stop and catch my breath as I try to memorize every detail of that moment. It's not like I have never seen this picture before...but it is just that moment where it will hit me how so very lucky I am.
Finding your true love is the most wonderful thing. And it is something that I know I need to treasure and nurture and be extremely thankful for. And for those that have not yet found their true love, it is something that I believe they should not give up on. Because there really is nothing that can compare to having that true friend and love that you can share anything and everything with, even dirty diapers and fights. To find true love is worth taking chances, I feel, that you might not have considered before. Trying a service like True.com is a way to open up the possibilities of meeting that perfect one. I used to think dating services were a little risky to join, but with criminal background checks and single certification, like True.com does with all members, it really seems like a safe approach to maybe finding true love. And with free sign up, you can basically search for free.
So why not? I would try it for sure if I were single and alone. Life is best shared with one you love. Even if some days life is so crazy all you get to share is a smile, and maybe a dirty diaper or two!