A Little Neighborhood Halloween Fun!

This is especially fun if you are fortunate to live on a street where the neighbors all know each other well and are friendly, and if not, this might do the trick! It's kind of like a take on the "Secret Santa" idea, but with a Halloween twist.

Put together a basket with some fun Halloween treats of your choosing. Then make a card or sign with a ghost on it. Lastly, write a letter saying something to the effect that a friendly Halloween Spirit has brought this treat and to keep the spirits happy, make sure to do the same for another neighbor. Make sure to note that the card/sign with the ghost on it should be placed outside their house where it can be seen so that other Ghostly Spirits will know that a visit was already paid there. Put a ghostly warning that the recipient now has two days in which to secretly deliver a Halloween Treat to another neighbor. And remind them to enclose a sign for the next neighbor to display so subsequent "spirits" will know not to visit.

If enough neighbors participate this can be so much fun. And even if you think your neighbors won't get into the Halloween fun, give it a try anyway...you never know! And if you want to really get the fun going a little quicker, consider starting off with deliveries to 2 or 3 neighbors!

And one last tip-- if you have an elderly neighbor that would have difficulty participating, keep them in the Halloween fun by adding a special note on the Ghostly Letter telling them that they can call on a "goblin" (add your phone number) to help them spread the Halloween fun to another neighbor. Or simply drop off a secret Halloween Treat with a "Happy Halloween" note attached.

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.