Oct 1, 2008

My Two Year Old Race Car Driver

Oh how I love my cuddly little almost (counting down the days now!)two year old! He is so into car it's hilarious. He will watch out the window for cars (motorcycles too) going by, and jumps up and down when a loud car or a "going too fast car for mom's approval" car goes by. He can play so happily with his little toy cars, just racing them along the floor while doing his best two year old imitation of a super charged car (think audi turbo)with sounds coming out of his throat that sound surprisingly realistic!
I may have to go get my weary yet oh so loyal car supercharged just to see the amazing smile my two year old would give me! Maybe I should go check out turbochargerpros.com and see if they could breathe some new power into my trusty little car!

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