Quick Update On My Daughter's Halloween Costume...Finally!

Well, last week I had posted about girls Halloween costumes and just what is going on with them. My daughter and I were in a standoff as far as her Halloween costume this year because the ones she kept pointing out to me were, let's say, a bit too sexy for my approval. And she is only 11!
So my update. Thankfully we have reached an agreement (just last night, whew...talk about cutting it close!). We are making her a costume that will be mostly what she wants with a bit of mom's input too. She will be..."A Dead Prom Queen". I know...morbid. But she is happy with her decision, finally, and I am more than happy that she will be in an outfit that does not look like it's made for Hollywood!
We have most of the costume together, and will finish up tonight. Hopefully I will get some photos (if she lets me!), and I will share here.
Just wanted to say Thanks for all the wonderful and supportive comments I got when I posted about our dilemma!