Personalized Christmas Cards Ala Turkey

Be honest. You are thinking now about all things Christmas, not Halloween anymore, and not so much Thanksgiving. Come's true, you know it. Halloween was fun, and we have this Fall Back weekend to take down our Halloween Decorations, but our minds are now racing full steam ahead to Christmas and the holiday season.

Poor Thanksgiving. It really is a wonderful holiday, but somehow it gets a barely an aisle (maybe only half) in all the stores, while Christmas takes over the shelves. Ah, what are we to do? It is so hard to stay focused on the orange and brown tablecloths, wreaths, and napkins while the twinkling lights, Santas, and gorgeous ornaments are calling to us. I admit it, I am ready to pull out the Christmas boxes and start singing the Christmas Carols. But I'll wait. I will be good and do the turkey thing.

But I will sneak in Christmas too. After all, it is less than 60 days away now! So my first official Christmas activity will be working on my Personalized Christmas Cards. I love doing the Vista Print thing when it comes to my cards. They have an awesome selection, and being able to handle everything online is wonderful. All I really need to do is decide on the picture I'll use, and get them ordered. Sweet. The one thing I know about me is that if I don't get the Christmas Cards handled early, I will more than likely not get to them. Know what I mean? There have been the unfortunate Christmases past where I did not get my Christmas Cards sent out, and I was so sad! So now I make sure to work on my Christmas Cards early and before any other Christmas preparations.

So bye for now ghosts and goblins, And with an excited but controlled anticipation for all things Christmas, welcome turkey, football and Fall leaves!

@2023 All Rights Reserved.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.