Keeping The Holidays Simple

I am inspired this Holiday season to keep things simple, warm and family oriented. My inspiration comes from the economy woes of late, which have touched us along with so many other families.
We, meaning my hubby and I, have spent many a night lately bemoaning the fates. We worry about money, work, our house, bills, keeping groceries n our kitchen and clothes on the kids (and us too of course! Just a little funny to remind us to smile.) But recently I feel we have groaned enough, and have forgotten to be thankful for the blessings that fill our lives. I am in some ways greatful for the lessons this past year has taught us. Family time has become even more a priority to us as entertainment outside of the house has become more a luxury than a common event. Watching movies together snuggled in our bed, all kids happily munching popcorn is something you really can't put a price on. And the warmth that fills my heart with the kids snuggled around me makes up for the heater being off...big time!

Making meals is much more a family activity now, and we are eating healthier as well. Much more infrequent are dinners out, or pizza deliveries. Now my daughter and I get in some chatting and bonding time as we make a salad together. Instead of deciding on what take-out to get, we plan meals ahead and everyone gets a favorite once a week (my boys almost always pick mac n cheese...I must admit that we have had more than our fill of that delicacy, LOL.

Even building a fire in our fireplace has changed. No more buying a log and plopping it in. Now I watch with amusement and love as my two little men accompany their daddy out to our backyard to gather twigs and wood. I watch all three huddle around the fireplace hearth and proudly put their twigs and wood in. And the proud smiles on my little boys faces as they stand back and watch their dad light "their Fire" is simply priceless. They will pull my hands and jump up and down as they proudly point out to me their grand fire-making skills. Way better than plopping a store bought firelog in the fireplace.

So I am eager to continue in this same spirit this Holiday Season. I plan to make some home made gifts for many on our list, and give more thoughtful and personal "clutter-free" gifts to others on my list (watch for an upcoming post, btw, on some ideas for gift giving and homemade presents.) Baking will be a big thing at our house this year, as will making Christmas tree ornaments, holiday decorations and cards. And not so much because of the money issues really, but more because I am appreciating and loving the family time spent together as we create something together... a memory of watching a movie in bed, a family meal we all made together, and hopefully some wonderful holiday presents we will all make together and give with pride and love to family and friends.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.