Kota The Triceratops By Playskool And His Magical Powers

First --this is not a paid advertisement, LOL. This is the toy that has my 4 year old promising every promise a 4 year old can think of in order to have this under the Christmas Tree come Christmas morning!
If you have not met this hefty dino, his name is Kota, The Triceratops. We encountered Kota this past weekend when we were out shopping at Target. My son, who loves everything dinosaurs anyway, just about went speechless when he first laid eyes on old Kota. I say "Just About", because it took probably about all of 3 seconds for my son to regain his composure, and...his speech. The rest of the day all we heard about was Kota. My little boy's face was a mix of disbelief and joy that something this grand existed...I kid you not! And it appears as those Kota does have some Magical Powers. My son has actually behaved himself these last couple of days astoundingly well. I am happy, scared, and stressed. This kid really has his heart set on Kota being under the Christmas Tree. What will happen if the old dinosaur is not there? Shudder.

Anyway, here I am today debating with myself and with the Hubbs on whether or not we should buy old Kota. Kota does not come cheap mind you. I know he is a talented triceratops that responds to your voice and all, and has some pretty fancy tail, head and eye movement, but this uy will set us back at least $200 bucks. This is a tough year to rationalize getting such a gift. But my son and his adorable face and never ending list of promises is getting to my soft side. Big time. Not so much the Hubbs, however. He is staying strong. But my 4 year old is so sure that Santa will deliver old Kota, especially since in trade my 4 year old has promised us and Santa he will be good until he is old. Whatever old means in a 4 year old's mind. Oh yea, he will also never ever fight with his little brother again, Ever.

I have checked around a bit and found the lowest price for Kota at Amazon-- a cool $199.00. Not bad since I've seen the old dinosaur listed for as much a $500 (really!) at a couple of other places.

I could really use some advice here. What would you do? Is the Hubbs right on this one? Too expensive, or heck, it's Christmas...go for it?

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.