Nov 15, 2008

My Friend The Entrepreneur

I am jealous. The green eyed monster has bit me, and bit me hard, LOL. I have a wonderful friend who is about to open a wedding consultant business. I love this friend, and wish her well, but I admit I am feeling a bit green. I have always dreamed of opening my own business in a real brick and mortar store. Living vicariously will have to do for now though. It is so cool being kind of close to an actual business about to open though, and watching her get ready to open her store/office, has taught me quite a bit. There is so much involved that I never gave much thought to before. For example, the shop will need security features, such as a digital security camera in case of break-ins and theft. Sites like IT Planet provide discount hardware for businesses, and also a large selection of security cameras and systems. Having a security camera visible is a great idea that will hopefully deter would be thieves.
So I really am excited for my friend, and hope her new business is successful. And if I am ever ready to open a business of my own, hopefully my friend can guide me!

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Marrid66 said...

I hope she is really sucessful. I have a friend that has a antique store. I am glad I am not in that business I don't know how she stays open.

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