Nov 23, 2008

A Picture Can Be Worth a Thousand Words

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For all bloggers out there in the blogosphere, I just wanted to pass on some information on Acobox. This is a site that has licensed, optimized, and ready to use pictures for bloggers to use with their blog posts. I checked it out today and was pretty happy with the selection of quality photos I saw. It is always a nice touch to add blog pictures with posts (though I have to admit I sometimes do not manage to get a picture added to every post I write ) and I am sure readers appreciate a picture to go along with the writing. Personally, when I read other blogs I always love seeing a picture with it.
The nice thing with Acobox is that they make it so simple to pick a picture and then place it on your site. All you need to do is copy and paste some image coding -- no downloading, resizing,or uploading the image file. Anything that saves me time, I can really appreciate. Tonight I cruised around the site and tried it out. The picture above is one that I found and liked. It took me about two minutes to add it to the post. Pretty cool, don't you think?

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