Nov 3, 2008

Thinking of Christmas Gift Ideas

So I am working on making my Christmas list today. I am trying to figure out some home made gifts for some family members, and some practical yet not outrageously priced gifts for some others. I know my Mother-in-law could use some new glasses. I don't think she has gotten new frames in a very long time, and while I'm pretty sure she'd enjoy a new fresh look, I doubt she will do it for herself. So you know what I'm thinking right? New eyeglasses could be a perfect gift for my mother-in-law. Photobucket I'm thinking of making a package deal out of the gift. Something like an eye exam to make certain her prescription is right, then lunch, and then time spent checking out new snazzy frames followed by a nice dinner. I think she will love this idea. And we can sit leisurely looking at eyeglass frames online at ZenniOptical. That way we can pick out the perfect stylish pair, and still be able to afford a nice dinner, LOL. Seriously, I know we can get a good deal because ZenniOptical manufactures their own glasses and sells them directly to middlemen.
Hmm... think I will run this idea past hubby and see what he thinks.

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