Nov 12, 2008

What Are Your Plans For Black Friday?

I am getting exited a bit more each day. Why? Because Black Friday is approaching. OMG--what fun that day is for me. I plan on making a big pot of hot coffee, getting up super early, switching on my laptop,!

I am going to get organized (I hope), before Black Friday so I know what I want to shop for. I am checking out ads already and am taking notes. It's like getting ready for a major athletic event for me, LOL. The most important thing is having ideas for gifts for people on your list, in my opinion. Then you can prepare kind of a "schedule" of stores/products you want to shop for. Obviously I will have toys on my list, but there will also be some other stuff that I really am hoping to score some good deals on, like cell phones.

My daughter would really like a new cool cell phone, as would my hubby. So I will be checking for Verizon Wireless Black Friday sale this week, and making notes on my "Big List", LoL. But I have to know about all the deals, so I will check for T-Mobile Black Friday sale as well.

I know my hubby has been eyeing the new Sprint Instinct for Sprint which I have to agree looks very cool. It of course has the awesome touch screen, but what makes it such a good match for my hubby is that he needs a large colorful screen because he needs glasses and often times is not wearing them when he should be. So the bigger the screen, the better for his eyes! I will dfinitely be checking out Sprint Black Friday deals to see if I can get a free one of these phones for hubby.
I know there will be more deals on cell phones, like at&t Black Friday deals, and by the time I finish checking those out as well for my daughter, I should be about ready for my second pot of coffee!
So what are your shopping plans for Black Friday going to be? Are you getting ready too?

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