GoPicnic Meals

We had a fun delivery the other night -- a package arrived full of GoPicnic Meals samples. To say my kids were delighted and more than willing to be taste testers is an understatement. You would think they had not eaten all day the way they anxiously wanted to tear into those samples, LOL. But trust me, I do feed my kids--several times a day even!

The GoPicnic Meals come in cute colorful individual boxes. Each box contains a complete ready to eat meal. How cool so far. What mom does not get intrigued by a meal that is healthy, nutritional and requires no cooking, heating or cleaning up after? My kids immediately perused all the boxes that we got, with my daughter officiating as the announcer (my other two don't read yet--well my 4 year old is trying but my two year old could care less about reading just yet)and she read out loud the items that each meal box contained.

Mom here checked out ingredients (boring stuff to kiddos, but way up there on my list!) before actual eating ensued. I was very happy to read that GoPicnic Meals only use food that has NO trans fat, NO high fructose corn syrup, and NO MSG. All the kids meals are 100% peanut free and have NO tree nut ingredients. I was so impressed and happy about that. While my kids do not have peanut allergies, I know there are kids at my daughter's school that do - in fact one such student is in my daughter's class and the whole class is very careful of what they eat and bring into school- so knowing my daughter could safely take one of these meals to school with her made me breathe a sigh of relief.

Then the real fun began. We had containers of organic applesauce, veggie cheese dip, pretzel crisps,organic tortilla chips and honey graham crackers being munched and shared by all three kids. There were yummy organic cookies ( I snagged one of those...hmmmm!), and all natural trail mix (the hubbs commandeered those ASAP). The jumbo raisins were a big hit with my 4 year old and my 11 year old, (though I do have to say that raisins and my two year old were a combination I chose not to allow--he didn't mind as he happily munched on organic crackers with all natural jam!) as were the white cheddar puffed corn snacks.

By the end of our rather impromptu taste testing, bellies were getting full and smiles were emerging as chewing slowed down. I asked each of my kids what there favorites were, and resoundingly the cheese puffs ranked as number one, followed by the applesauce, then the cookies (my personal favorite), and pretzels.

Hubby voted for the trail mix and creamy veggie cheese dip. The only item that did not get rave reviews from my kids was the sunflower seed spread.

The added touch of having moist towelettes and utensils in each meal box made eating and wiping up kids faces easy. Even cleaning my toddler's jam smeared face was handled well by the moist wipes. And I would be amiss to not give special mention to the "surprise item" in the meal boxes. My 4 year old was beaming when he found rub on tattoos inside the boxes!

GoPicnic is a woman owned company located in Chicago, Il. There are over 25 different meal choices that work for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. I am impressed with the company's dedication to keeping these meals as high quality as possible, using natural and organic foods with dietary options including vegetarian, kosher, gluten-free and Halal. Even the boxes the meals are packed in are made from 100% recycled material with a minimum of 35% post-consumer waste.

And I am pleased to say that GoPicnic has put together a special discount for readers of Happy Healthy Families -- just use coupon code GPTHANKS and get a 25% discount on your first order at

I am so happy my family was able to do review GoPicnic Meals. We had a blast, ate some healthy fun snacks, and shared lots of laughter. Thanks GoPicnic!

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@2023 All Rights Reserved.