Have Dinner Out Courtesy of The Lazy Housewife!

I absolutely love that name..."The Lazy Housewife", makes me grin every time I see it. Anyhoo-- here is a perfect giveaway for all tired, stressed, holiday burned out moms and dads -- a $25 Gift Card that can be used at Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Bahama Breeze, or Seasons Fresh Grill!

How did The Lazy Housewife know that a dinner out is just what this mom would love to win? I am passing on the contest info here because it is the holidays and all, and I want to be nice and all, but....I want that gift card. Badly. So if you read this and happen to win, and happen to not want to go out to dinner, please think of me. Just saying.

My whining is done. Now you may feel free to head on over to visit The Lazy Housewife at So Not Domestic.com, and if you must, enter the giveaway. The deadline is drawing near...my name (I mean the winner's name) will be drawn on December 22nd. So hurry on over and enter. Or not.