Healthy Family Meals On a Budget Your Family Will Love

Healthy Family Meals On a Budget Your Family Will Love
Healthy Family Dinners on a Budget

I was asked (well, more like my kids were recruited) to review a new site for kids and parents to enjoy together. Jitterbug is the brainstorm of two dads with two toddler daughters, Randall Green and Dan Gellert. Gotta love creative caring dads like that!
Jitterbug is the first dedicated online kids music video website. And I have to say I loved it! My two little guys and I got comfy on my bed and went to work checking out Jitterbug. My 4 year old and I were rocking out in no time, as we hit song after song. It was especially cute to have videos to watch with the songs.
We were on the Jitterbug site for at least 20 minutes or so, and barely made a dent in the song selections. There are a lot. Everything from Dog on Fleas
to The Jimmies. There are categories such as " Animal Fun" and "TV Favorites". But you can also select from the list of artists with the likes of Jetta and The Jellybeans, Laurie Berkner, and The Sippy Cups-- one of my all-time favorites!
What is so awesome about Jitterbug is that all these great songs and videos for kids are on one site--no searching around the net for songs for the kiddos. I had to laugh (to myself) when I read the part of the site description -- "We hand pick the good stuff...
You won't find Barney here." Aw...why does that big purple dinosaur get such a bad rap anyway? Heck-- my two year old kind of likes Barney.
Seriously though, jitterbug is fun and if my kids can sit and be entertained for even 20 minutes that's enough to make this mommy happy. I have this site bookmarked and as soon as my kids get antsy today--we're taking a music break and are going to dance some of those ants away!