Remembering The Old But Looking Forward Too

Today I was out doing some solo Christmas shopping and I found myself looking back on Christmas's past. I told myself to stay focused and not get sentimental and teary-eyed, but it didn't work. Nope. I sighed at the cute girl's toys that my daughter is no longer interested in, and remembered one Christmas when she was just two and literally screamed when she saw a new baby doll and stroller under the Christmas tree. Now, it's all about Jonas Brothers, Twilight and skinny jeans (which I could not find, btw, ack)

Even my little guys are growing up so fast it seems. No little cute baby toys for us this year either. Now it's what one wants, so does the other. Two of everything tools, cars and dinosaurs, Santa, please!

Anyway...I need to focus on the New Year...and to making some new goals and memories. I have some ideas floating around my head of goals, just need to have a few moments to visualize and organize those thoughts. Of course I am going to be blog goaling...hehe)

So I will be as many of you will be over the next few, wrapping, cooking, visiting, and hopefully enjoying these last few days before Christmas. Posting will be backburned somewhat ( already has been), while I may be quickly popping in over the next few days (or not!?) I plan to be back in full blogging mode after the holidays.

Hope this Christmas week brings lots of new memories for everyone to hold and cherish.


@2023 All Rights Reserved.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.