Jan 20, 2009

I Know It's Tuesday, But I'm Posting This Anyway!

LOL--I am running a day behind today--I swear all day I kept thinking it was Monday! I even forgot to pick my daughter up from school at her "Tuesday dismissal time" which is earlier than all the other days dismissal times. Anyone else have a hard time today remembering it was actually Tuesday and not Monday (PLEASE....someone else say they did so I don't feel so silly!)

Anyway....Mommying On The Fly has Manic Monday on her blog, which is a Virtual version of I never.. and this is how it goes:

What you have to do to play is:

"I will pose a question beginning with I never....
If you've never done it .....

1. Add yourself to Mr Linky, so others can come go visit.. (including me)
2. Post your own question on your blog...
3. Come back next Monday.

If you've done it....

1. Add yourself to Mr. Linky, so others can come visit.. (including me)
2. Post your own question on your bog.
3. share your story in a comment
4. come back next Monday

So here is mine..."I have never gone skiing" (nope, never!)

If you want to play along, leave a comment, put your own "Never" question on your blog, and then go add your link to Mr. Linky over at Mommying On The Fly, so people can come visit you, including me!


Lisa C. said...

hehehe happy TUESDAY!!! BUT, I've never gone skiing either... My hubby LOVES it, but there has NEVER been anything to persuade me to jump on two sticks and fly down a mountain, with the only hope of stopping is on my bum or hitting a tree... NOPE thank you.. this Caribbean blooded chick will wait in the lodge thank you very much.. lol

Lesley said...

really....never....hmmmmm...would you want to????

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