Feb 14, 2011

10 things Only I Can Do Around The House

I came across this hilarious post today at Juggling Teens. I loved it so much I decided to steal BORROW it from Shauni (Thank-you, Shauni !!) It seems that Shauni has these mysterious powers that enable only her to perform certain things at her house. After reading her list I felt so envious of Shauni and her special powers, that I had to sit and think for a moment if I possessed any of my own. And guess what, I do. I actually do. Lucky me. Now I am going to record on here my powers for all to see and marvel at. But be warned. This list might make you jealous too.

Only I can wipe a runny yucky nose.

Only I can clean a toilet bowl (getting jealous yet??).

Only I can wake up in the middle of the night to parlay my amazing powers of comfort upon a child that is a) ill, b) scared or c) just awake to be awake.

Only I know how to find mysteriously hidden items such as socks, shoes, wallets, watches, stuffed bears, dinosaurs and ponytail holders.

Only I can clean up after a sick dog (fun and amazing power of mine).

Only I can remove empty containers from our refrigerator and clean the refrigerator.

Only I am able to lower toilet seats that have been left up.

I am sure I have more special powers, but I do not want to make anyome too jealous here. So I will keep the others to myself, for now.

But I am interested to know if any other mothers possess special powers, and what they are? Maybe you do not have any as glorious as mine, granted, but I am still curious , so please share if you don't mind.

( I first posted this way back in 2009--I just came across it again, and decided to re-post it today in honor of all the mommies out there with special powers. Happy Valentine's Day!)


Mom Knows Everything said...

Only I know how to make the empty toilet paper roll full again. Oh yes, some may think it's magic, but I'll let you in on a little secret....I actually just take the empty roll off and put a new roll on. Shhhhh!!! Don't tell my family it's that easy to do or they will all be clamoring to do it too!

Your post is hilarious! LOVE IT!!!

Jennifer said...

Love this post!!!

Only I can make get those nasty dirty clothes clean again!

Helene said...

I love this post!!! Only I know how to change the babies' diapers and throw them in the appropriate garbage. Oh and apparently I'm the only one in my home who knows how to empty the garbage and check the mail!!

I found your blog on Twitter Moms! So glad I stopped by!

ModernMommy said...

I can def. relate here.
1. Only I know how to work the oven
2. Only I can buy groceries
3. Only I can make sure the bills are paid.
4. Only I can remember the in-laws birthdays
5. Only I know how to share my feelings openly and honestly
6. Only I know that you cannot use a dish towel to clean the bathroom, you must wash pee pee clothes by themselves and immediately, and you should never ever remove my handy dandy lighter from the kitchen and "lose" it after you take it to light your cigarette.
7. One more...only I know how to make dr. appointments
8. But then again Only I can be called Mommy in our house. That makes it all worth it.

ModernMommy said...

Tammy - hilarious. Apparently I have that super power as well!

April said...

I can totally relate to all of these things. There are lots of things only I can do in my house.

I am Harriet said...

That's Great!

Missy said...

What a hoot! This made my day compeletely!

Mrsbear said...

Only I know how to get a child a drink of water/milk/bag of chips/cookie.

Only I know how to help a child get past an especially tough level of a video game.

I loved this post, wherever you borrowed it from. Thanks also for stopping by and commenting the other day.

The Budget Diet said...

Doesn't that make us feel POWERFUL! Go Moms!