10 things Only I Can Do Around The House

I came across this hilarious post today at Juggling Teens. I loved it so much I decided to steal BORROW it from Shauni (Thank-you, Shauni !!) It seems that Shauni has these mysterious powers that enable only her to perform certain things at her house. After reading her list I felt so envious of Shauni and her special powers, that I had to sit and think for a moment if I possessed any of my own. And guess what, I do. I actually do. Lucky me. Now I am going to record on here my powers for all to see and marvel at. But be warned. This list might make you jealous too.

Only I can wipe a runny yucky nose.

Only I can clean a toilet bowl (getting jealous yet??).

Only I can wake up in the middle of the night to parlay my amazing powers of comfort upon a child that is a) ill, b) scared or c) just awake to be awake.

Only I know how to find mysteriously hidden items such as socks, shoes, wallets, watches, stuffed bears, dinosaurs and ponytail holders.

Only I can clean up after a sick dog (fun and amazing power of mine).

Only I can remove empty containers from our refrigerator and clean the refrigerator.

Only I am able to lower toilet seats that have been left up.

I am sure I have more special powers, but I do not want to make anyome too jealous here. So I will keep the others to myself, for now.

But I am interested to know if any other mothers possess special powers, and what they are? Maybe you do not have any as glorious as mine, granted, but I am still curious , so please share if you don't mind.

( I first posted this way back in 2009--I just came across it again, and decided to re-post it today in honor of all the mommies out there with special powers. Happy Valentine's Day!)

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.