100 Things To Do With Your Child Before Kindergarten

My four-year-old is just months away from starting the Big "K". And this mommy is having all those mixed feelings about this upcoming milestone.

Overwhelmingly, I'm sad. I'm also excited for him, nervous for us both, and leery of how my two year old will react with big brother gone part of the day.

These two munchkin boys are inseparable-- even if they are mad at each other, they still hang out together!

Anyhoo--I found an interesting list the other day as I cruised my local stops on the blogosphere. Kind of like a wake-up call for me,  as it reminds mommies with up and coming Kindergartners that the (sometimes) idyllic free time that we have with our little ones before school days take over, is fleeting and once-in-a-lifetime.

It is time to treasure and relish.

And do stuff that we may not so easily find the time for once that school bell starts ringing for our little ones.

The list has things on it that we have done already, as most moms with kids probably have done, i.e., carve a pumpkin, go to the zoo, jump on a bed, and practice counting to 100. But there are definitely things on there we haven't done, and now I am planning to, such as grow our own vegetables, paint a self-portrait, and visit a farm.

But what I really liked the most about this list is not so much what they have on there, but that it inspired me to make a list of my own. I am now making my "100 Things To Do With My Kids Before Kindergarten" list--and I am excited about it!

Anyone want to join me and make a list too?

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.