Emergen-C Kidz Complete Multi-Vitamin

Have you tried Emergen-C Kidz Vitamins ? I had the opportunity to try these vitamins out with my son, and am so happy I did.

Emergen-C Kidz Complete Muti-Vitamin and Multi-Mineral Supplement is different than traditional vitamins for kids. They are not the chewy/sour/gummi-type vitamins, but actually come in packets of different flavored fruit mixes. I was a bit dubious at first as to whether my son would even try this new " Vitamin" as it was totally different than what he is used to.

But not to worry, hehe, right away he chose the "Cherry Yumberry" flavored packet, and I mixed it for him. It was easy enough--just add the powder to a glass of water (4-6 oz.) and stir. I handed him the glass, and waited.

He loved it. Absolutely loved it and drank it all. And he even surprised me by choosing the Emerge-C Kidz every morning over his traditional chewable vitamins. I think the fizziness and the juicy flavor was what got him, LOL.

But what got mom, was the fact that this fun fizzy drink has 24 vitamins and nutrients, including Beta Carotene, Iron, Zinc, Vitamin E, and 500 mg of Vitamin C. And for their bones--Calcium, Vitamin D, and Phosphorous. And it even has Choline (which I have recently been reading about) that supports healthy brain function! This is important for me because my boys are on again off again eaters--some days they eat well, other days not so much. Try as I might, I know my munchkin boys are not getting the vitamins and minerals they need everyday from their what they eat,or don't eat as the case may be! So I feel better knowing they get a daily vitamin full of all the nutrients and minerals they need. And for my two year old, who must have what big brother has, I just mix a half package with 2-4 oz. of water.

I have been given an online coupon code to share with any Happy Healthy Families reader that would like to try Emergen-C Kidz with your kids! Whe ordering, just enter the coupon code, EMCSSD8 during checkout for 15% off! This offer will expire 3/15/09.

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.