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We (my kiddos and I) were very happy to do a review for Australia based, "Bright Star Kids" recently.

What are the products offered by Bright Star Kids? Just the coolest and easiest wall graphics ever! And when I say easy--I am not kidding. Simply peel and stick--that's it.

There are many different styles of wall graphic kits available--from wall letter kits, fairy tale kits dinosaurs, cars, space,butterflies, under the sea, trains and more! We are all about dinosaurs in our house presently (well--the munchkin boys are; my daughter is on a "Twilight" diet--Twilight all day, everyday, hehe), but I made the executive decision and went with the awesome chalkboard graphic.

My mischievous little boys have used our walls so many times as drawing boards, that I was too tempted by the thought of them being redirected to a cool chalkboard on the wall to display their artistic skills on that I had to go with the chalkboard over the dinosuar graphics. But I may now surprise them with the dinosaur kit to decorate their bedroom with after all, I am so happy with these wall graphics!

My 11 year old daughter helped me put the chalkboard wall graphic up--actually she did most of the application while I stood back and made sure all looked straight and even. This took us all of about 15 minutes. No glue, no nails, no tape, no muss. And it looks fantastic!


We put the chalkboard in our playroom/office -- and I could not be happier. The boys actually played with that chalkboard last night so much...I had a hard time getting them to put down their chalk and getting into pajamas. And yes...I confess, mom did her fair share of drawing on it too. It is so cool!

The chalkboard panels we received are in rectangles shapes, but they also come in circles as well. The panels are simply "peel and stick" panels that you stick on a wall or other flat surface, and later can just as easily be removed--awesome! After you put the colorful panels on the wall, you then add a chalkboard graphic to each. And Voila! You have a cool chalkboard on the wall!

Bright Star Kids has graciously offered my readers a discount on their wall graphics!! Between March 25th and April 25th, you can get 20% off your order of any wall graphics or wall letter kits. To use simply enter the promotional code FAMILYREVIEW into the Promotional Code section of our Shopping Cart and then press Submit.

(Note-- if you purchase two or more kits, you will automatically receive a discount of 15-25%, so the 20% discount offered here will not apply. Also, the 20% discount will not apply if there are any other "automatic store discounts" offered on your purchase.)

Check out Bright Star Kids and their photo gallery of kids bedrooms that have been decorated using their wall and letter graphics!

Much thanks to the Family Review Network and Bright Star Kids for this awesome review!

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@2023 All Rights Reserved.