Time For Saturday's Small Talk Six !

And today's topic from MomDot's Small Talk Six is to name six things you love or hate about spring.

I am with Trisha in that Fall is my favorite season too, but I can deal with Spring as well.

So here goes:

I love Spring because the weather is usually not too cold and not too hot (yet!)

I love Spring evenings--- best part of the day, I think.

I hate that Spring means summer is right around the corner and that means heat waves and fire season (eek!)

I love /hate Spring because my son and daughter's birthdays are around the corner---*sniff* another year older they get*sniff:, why do they grow so fast????

I love/hate Spring cause MY Birthday is around the corner (ack!)

I love Spring because really every day, every season is something to treasure and hold on to and build new memories of. I really do love Spring..... new beginnings and fresh starts. OOPs--this means it's time for Spring Cleaning, doesn't it???

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.