More Fun Kid's Music--Giveaway!!

I have another fun, educational and "get dancing" kind of CD to share and giveaway! The album, "Mister Felipe-- Cruzando El Border" brings wonderful bilingual music for kids to sing along with, dance to, and laugh with.

Mister Felipe is actually Philip Handmaker, a Spanish and Music teacher living in Taos, a town in northern New Mexico. Growing up in New Mexico, he heard a lot of Spanish on the playground, and he studied the language in high school and college. After getting a master's degree in Applied Linguistics and teaching bilingually in Arlington, Virginia for several years, he at last moved back to Nuevo México, where he is combining his lifelong passions of music, language, and teaching.

In his album, Handmaker combines English and Spanish, and my kids love it, which makes me very happy as I know that right now my munchkin boys are like sponges soaking up whatever educational resources that I can provide them. When they listen, sing and dance around as they are actually learning Spanish words, months, numbers and even the alphabet, it is awesome.

Mr. Felipe has a great website where not only can you hear the songs, read lyrics kids can learn about different instruments, print out fun coloring pages, and check out fun examples of Spanglish that visitors send in.

There are cute silly songs like the ¡Fuera, Perro... all about a very mischievous dog ( my 4 year old's favorite!), and Vamos Afuera which is about two friends, one who wants to play outside and another who's worried about getting dirty and prefers indoors. Muévete is a reggaeton song that gets kids dancing as they learn the parts of the body. Me Gustan los Animales is all about animals on a farm. And there are fun sing along songs that teach kids the months of the year, numbers and teh alphabet.

To Win a Signed Copy of Mister Felipe-- Cruzando El Border--

Visit Mr. Felipe's website, and leave me a comment lettng me know which song is your favorite!

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