May 2, 2009

Saturday's Small Talk Six

So today's topic takes me back...way back, hehe! What did you always wonder about your teachers in school?


1. What they did when they went home at night after being with us crazy kids all day

2. What their spouse/boyfriend/girlfriends were like

3. What their house/apt. looked like (guess I am the nosy personal type..hehe)

4. What they really thought about me!!!!

5. What they talked about in the secretive Teacher's Lounge???

6. Were they really so smart and knew everything about everything?? ( like my parents??)

Share your six! Head over to Mom Dot and join in the fun!!


Staci A said...

I always wondered what my teachers really thought about me too!

Shan G said...

LOl cute list!

Always a Southern Girl said...

What really did go on in the teachers lounge anyway!! Maybe we don't want to know! HA!!

Kelly said...

Everyone seems to wonder about the teacher's lounge. I went in it sometimes because I was on the Student Council. It was nice and they were lucky enough to have instant boiling water which would have been useful for making soup.