Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain

Being a BzzAgent I sometimes get to try out some pretty cool stuff. And recently I was sent a BzzKit with CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain. I am not normally a lipstick kind of gal--very rarely will I put any on (stop gasping!!) because I have just never liked any I have tried. Eventually I just got tired of trying new lipsticks, and pretty much stick with lipgloss these days.

But it was fun getting make-up of any kind in the mail....and of course I had to immediately go play with my new lipstain from CoverGirl. It is actually like a marker which makes the application so easy.

So what did I really think of my new lipstain??

Very easy to apply.

The color was a bit too dark for me, but that was my fault for selecting the wrong shade (good news is there are 10 shades to choose from, so I can pick a lighter color in the future!)

It lasts and lasts. Exactly like it is supposed to do, my CoverGirl Lipstain stayed on the entire day. No lipstick stains on coffee cups or munchkin boys chubby cheeks!

When I did want to remove the lipstain, I used a washcloth, soap and water and my lips were back to their pre-lipstain look!

Since I normally do not wear lipstick, I do tend to bite my lips a bit, and they do get chapped -but the day I tested out the lipstain, I noticed I was not biting my lips nor were they getting that dry, chapped feeling. The fact that it is water-based and not alcohol-based and contain lip conditioners is a huge plus in my book!

Overall: I really like this stuff. It feels good, looks good, stays put, and definitely will keep my lips from getting chapped and dry. And at $7.29 suggested retail, it beats department store lipstain prices by quite a bit.

Two thumbs up, CoverGirl!

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@2023 All Rights Reserved.