Three Things You Didn't Know About Me!

***Thought I'd join in the Blog Hop Tuesday fun! Today's theme is Three Things You Didn't Know About Me. Hmm.

Well , for one, I used to be an elementary school teacher. Gave it up for the wonderful world of blogging. Not. My kids were my motivation for becoming a full time stay at home mom, of course!

Second thing....I love love Agatha Christie books. I started reading them when I was a little kid, home sick from school, and my mom gave me one to read in bed. Fell in love then and there with Poroit!!

Third.....I had a cat named Whiskey, a siamese, that practically grew up with me. He moved with me when I moved out of my parent's house. I still miss him and think about him everyday.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.