Waverly Helps Teach Kids About The Environment

Isn't he a cutie? This is Waverly,the water drop, and he is proud to say that he is eco-friendly and 100% Organic!

"Waverly is a little dreamy, very sweeet
and loves a good laugh.
He even makes fun of himself--
often saying he may be all wet, but he is certainly no drip."

Waverly is particularly - and deeply - concerned about protecting
the Earth's water resources and keeping them clean. His areas of expertise are Oceans, seas, rivers and lakes.

My munchkin boys received Waverly in the mail a bit ago, and instantly fell in love with the guy. I have to say this plush toy is so soft--it just feels good to hold him.

So who really is Waverly, and what is his story?

Waverly is one of three "idbids" a 100% organic plush toy collection sold at NMC Toys. Idbids and NMC Toys, along with The Nature Conservancy, want to help teach children about earth, nature and keeping our environment healthy. Each toy is lovingly handmade in Egypt, so no two are going to be alike. They toys are dyed with environmentally friendly natural, metal free vegetable colors. There are no small parts either making them safe for your child.

Waverly is joined in his journey to help kids learn about the environment and helping to take care of it with two other Idbids: Lola the Flower idbid and Scout the Cloud idbid. Lola is adorable of course in all her pinkness, and her areas of expertise are flowers, trees and plants.Photobucket Scout is all about the air we breathe, and is an avid bird watcher. Idbids - Plush - Scout Organic Cotton Plush

The cool thing about these plush toys is that they come with personal codes that kids can enter on the idbid website, and learn how to help protect their new friend's habitat. There is a certificate they can print out with their name on it as well.

Parents can feel good purchasing one of these plush toys because a portion of the purchase will go directly to The Nature Conservancy through February 2010.

My boys had a great time on the idbid website, and I really do appreciate products like Waverly that teach as well provide fun and comfort.

idbids: iddy biddy steps, for a greener world!

Thanks to Parent Reviewers for this fantastic review opportunity.

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.