Are You Ready For Halloween Night?

Oh the excitement is building around our house today.... costumes are ready, trick or treat bags are ready for action, and my kids are counting down to the big night! I am dreading the aftermath of Halloween night though, because then the war of the candy begins. Three kids... endless candy right in their hands ..... a stressed out mom trying to control the situation and the sugar rush....ack!

I read an interesting idea for a healthier Trick or Treat option that could replace the candy yet hopefully maintain kid-approval: chocolate milk in shelf stable cartons. I have to admit I would never have thought of milk cartons as a candy alternative for ghosts and goblins, but the more I think about it, it is not such a bad idea.

Milk served in cartons tastes good AND is good for the environment because the cartons are mainly made from paper, a renewable resource that can be replenished – plus, they have a low carbon footprint and are recyclable., and it can be conveniently stored away and chilled later, when you are ready to serve it. Maybe not a bad idea for Twick or Tweet Me night after all.

If you visit the Trick or Treat Me blog, they have some coupons for milk cartons if you are interested in this idea.

Happy Halloween!


@2023 All Rights Reserved.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.