New Charter Giveaway

Remember when Charter was giving away a laptop everyday for two months? I thought that was a pretty sweet deal. Uh. That was nothing compared to Charter's latest giveaway: A 2010 Camaro 2SS! Yes....a new Camaro. This latest giveaway ends November 26, 2009 at noon (started on Sept. 15, 2009).


In addition, you can get a $100 gift card from major retailers in clothing, home and accessories, restaurants and more, when you buy 3 Charter services, $50 gift card for 2 services, and $25 gift card when you buy 1 Charter service.

To get your chance at this awesome car, visit to register today and to view the complete rules for the Camaro Sweepstakes , specifications on the Camaro, and more. You can also visit Charter on Facebook, and follow Charter on Twitter to get more information and stay up to date with their latest giveaway.


@2023 All Rights Reserved.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.