The Obama Time Capsule

"THE OBAMA TIME CAPSULE showcases one of the most important presidential races in American history through the eyes of the world's top photographers. Spanning a two-year period, the book provides behind-the-scenes images encompassing President Barack Obama's road to the White House, Election Day, the Inauguration and his first 100 days in office. Including essays from TIME magazine's Joe Klein, The Huffington Post's Arianna Huffington, General Colin Powell and President Obama's sister, Auma Obama. The book also includes fascinating infographics from world-renowned graphic artist Nigel Holmes, the human stories featured in this fascinating book capture the challenges and opportunities facing America's 44th president as he takes his place on the world stage. "

I was honored recently to be given an exceptional review opportunity: The Obama Time Capsule. This beautiful hard bound book is a great memento of a piece of history. Through inspirational pictures and essays, Obama's two year journey to the White House. The book also captures moments from Obama's first 100 days of office.

The Obama Time Capsule is essentially a customized book that allows you seamlessly add your personal pictures and thoughts to the existing professional photos and essays documenting Obama’s journey to the White House. The book contains beautiful photographs and essays and gives users the ability to insert themselves into a piece of history. For some additional insight, please check out the HP commercial on YouTube which provides a great visual of what the book is all about, as well as recent broadcast coverage from ABC Evening News.

I absolutely was enthralled with the fact that I could customize this book. I dedicated it to my husband, and was able to personalize the dedication page as well. I included several different pictures of my husband, myself and one of my hubby and daughter together. I was able to customize and personalize the book online in a very short time. The hardest part for me was deciding on which pictures to use.

It is truly an incredible piece of history, that will be a special keepsake in our family always. This would make an incredible gift for any Obama/History fan in your life. You can also order it without personalizing it if you prefer. Either way, it is an exceptional tribute to our history.

This post was written for Family Review Network as part of a program for The Obama Time Capsule, who provided the book for review.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.