Christmas Countdown.....Already??

Oh my. We still have Halloween decor (shh...) up around our house, trick or treat candy about, and I'm thinking about turkeys, pumpkin pies, and doing some much needed house cleaning for Thanksgiving....but yet that is not enough . Nope. I am reminded with every commercial, every store I enter, and even by my kids with their constant, "oooh...I want that for Christmas!", that I need to be on Christmas countdown already!

That was a long run-on sentence, wasn't it? Oh Well. I'm stressed, so I'll allow it!

Anyhoo-back to counting down the days til Old St. Nick arrivees (the good thing about all this holiday stuff is that I get to bribe, blackmail and otherwise coerce my munchkin boys to behave themselves or deal with the possibility of Santa not coming to our house. I can be mean. Yes I can!)

Yes....back to the countdown. Ah. Christmas cards. I am going to mail Christmas cards this year. I promise myself this every year, but alas, do not always put a stamp where my mouth is. You know what I'm saying here, right?? But I am going to order my cards Tiny Prints, whom I am happy to share with you, is having a christmas card sale going on right now. Yes. Now. A November sale on cards so that you can get them ordered, delivered, and mailed out by early December. Like me.

So yes, while I pack away cobwebs, spiders, and scary scarecrows, while I mentally prepare my Thanksgiving day menu, while I put out all those orange and brown turkey bathroom towels, I am also on Christmas countdown.

Did I mention I am stressed today????

Oh. One more thing. There are 45 days till Christmas.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.