Kelloggs Fruit Loops and Apple Jacks With Fiber: Review

The kiddlets and I were recently recruited for a Kelloggs Taste Test between Kelloggs regular Fruit Loops and Apple Jacks, and their new fiber-added cereal versions. Tough as this assignment would be (yes, I am giggling here) on my family, they all courageously agreed to be involved.

Seriously, when the package of Kellogg Cereals was delivered to us, you would have thought Santa himself had made the delivery. My munchkin boys could not have had bigger smiles plastered on their faces. And my 5 year old knew...just knew...that he was going to be allowed to indulge in his favorite cereals, because after all, it had something to do with mommy's work. Smart kid.

Inside the big box, we found boxes of  Kelloggs cereals. We had the regular Fruit Loops, the regular Apple Jacks, and boxes of Apple Jacks with fiber, and  Fruit Loops with Fiber. Four big family- sized boxes of cereal. I believe I saw tears in my children's eyes for a minute. We normally are an oatmeal kind of breakfast family. We do get cereal, but not as an everyday breakfast option. I have found my boys to be so much more pleasant to be around when their sugar content is low. Very low. But they love "cereal mornings" when we have them! And they are in heaven when on occasion I let them have a snack with cereal.

Anyhoo. Back to the taste test. I decided to do this test over a few days time instead of all at once. So the first day I gave the boys the regular Fruit Loops and the regular Apple Jacks. No surprises here. They were very happy and gobbled up their cereal, making sure to drink up the milk at the bottom of their bowls. (Which I might add, is one of the perks in serving cereal to my can be difficult to get them to drink milk these days.)

 The next morning I substituted the Fiber added cereals for the regular cereals without mentioning this fact to the taste testers, of course. Again, no surprises. All was bliss as the kids munched contentedly on their cereals, and again, the milk was slurped up. Hmm. I next decided to pour two bowls of cereal for the hubby. One was Fruit Loops regular, the other with Froot Loops with Fiber. I had him take bites of each without telling him which was which. He enjoyed both bowls, and could not say which bowl had the fiber and which didn't. Hmmm. So I then had the hubby pour me two bowls. I tasted both bowls, and while it was more a guess than a "know for sure" thing, I did pick out which bowl had the fiber-added cereal. But both bowls of cereal were yummy as usual.

The following morning I gave my kids the regular Apple Jacks (did I mention how happy my kids were during the test tasting days???). All smiles and empty bowls. Next day was the fiber-added Apple Jacks. Again.....happiness and milky chins prevailed at the breakfast table. No complaints. No left-over cereal in the bowls. Nada. Just kids asking for rmore. Which they did not get.

Again my hubby and I did our part. And again the hubby had no clue. And this time I could not tell any difference. Both bowls of Apple Jacks tasted the same to me.

So as a mom, I appreciate the added fiber Kelloggs added to the cereals. While I still will limit how much and how often my kids eat cereal, I can honestly say that when I buy Kelloggs cereals, I will have no problem picking the Fiber Added cereal over the regular.

Read more about the importance of fiber in our diets, and Kelloggs' nutrition, here.

"I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Kellogg’s and received boxes of Froot Loops and Apple Jacks and a gift certificate to thank me for taking the time to participate."

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@2023 All Rights Reserved.