Missing My Mom

Today I felt "peely wally." Yes, I typed it right. I think. You see, "peely wally" is the term my mom would use when she thought someone looked tired, pale, sluggish, and over-all just exuded an air of pure yuckiness.

So maybe it's not a technical term, but it became the official declaration in our family when my mom sensed one of us kids needed some extra TLC. A little cup of tea. A tucking into bed with the tv on, a little bit of cake or some other sugary goodness to go with the tea. The best part was that you didn't have to be really sick. No fever required, or coughing or sniffles.

Peely Wally. That's my spelling anyway of a term I have not heard in years. And today that is just how I felt. So I made myself a little cup of tea. And missed my mom a bit more than I already do.