Random Tuesday Thoughts


Since it is a New Year and all, and I have slacked off in making any grand new resolutions, and since I was visiting over at Small Town Mommy, and since I enjoyed her Random Tuesday Thoughts Post so much, and since I wasn't doing much anyway......I thought I'd pop on over to vivit Keely at The Un Mom (as Small  Town Mommy suggested I do) and see just what this "Random Tuesday" thing is really all about!

So I did. And here I am resoluting (Is that a word? I think not, but heck, it works for me) to give this Random Tuesday thing a go.

So I am contemplating giving up one or two of my various blogs this year, so maybe I can concentrate on only one. Or two. But then I get all misty-eyed at having to select the ones to go (even though they are alot like husbands--requiring much more attention then they give back.) So I will probably relent and just keep them all. We'll see,

I watched The Bachelor last night. Sorry, but this post is about random thoughts, right? And I am randomely wondering why I can't seem to stop watching the show that makes women look needy, clingy, pathetic and driven to win themselves a man at all costs. Well, not all of the women. I hear that one of the "chosen" hopefuls will soon have a fling with a stage crew guy-- apparently competing for Jake's heart became too muvh for her.

My 5 year old and 12 year old will go back to school next week. I alternate between sad and giddy at the thought. Sad usually wins though. Why do these munchkins get the best of me??

So my daughter wants to be able to lock her computer so as to keep all little brothers away from it. I told her no. It was not a pleasant scene. Am I wrong? Would you say yes? The munchkin boys can be persistently a pain in her neck, but still, no way am I letting her lock her computer. Tell me straight...am I wrong here or what?? 

We got a Wii for Christmas. I wonder if I should get fit and healthy this year with the exercise program that everyone raves about. I should be doing cartwheels all the way to the store to buy Wii Fit (isn't that what it's called?) but instead I sit on the part of my anatomy that could truly use the workout, truly, and just think about it. Guess I need someone to kick me in that part of my anatomy. I bet I could convince the hubbs to do that.

So that is about all the random thoughts I can muster this Tuesday. Maybe I am feeling slackish because my three year old kept me up most of the night with a cold he got because daddy let him ride in his new jeep he got for Christmas when it was far too cold outside>. Btw, said dad slept like a baby last night.

So if you want to make a resolution to have some fun this year, head over to the Un-Mom and find out what random thoughts are being shared today!

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.