Who Needs Wii When You Have Eva Longoria Butt Exercises?

Aha! Earlier I lamented my lack of motivation to get off my tush and rush to the nearest Target to buy myself a copy of the Wii exercise program (even though we got a new Wii for Christmas). But looky what I found while cruising around Woman's Day-- A way to get Eva Longoria's butt!!! Of course not literally ladies, but if we follow the exercise given, we can get our derrieres to look just like Eva's!!!!

Anyone in this with me? I think there may be some mention of including other exercise (blech) and eating right (no fun at all!), but I didn't pay too much attention after I read that I too could have a rear end like Eva's!

So. I am ready. New butt for the new year. My new resolution. Who is going to join me?? (**looks around for hands .....starts doing exercise alone, determined to have the best butt this side of the Internet in 2010!**)