Home-Made Valentine's Day Desserts Everyone Will love

Home-Made Valentine's Day Desserts Everyone Will love
Valentine's Day Desserts

Blogs I Enjoyed Reading This Weekend

I thought I would mention some blog posts I particularly enjoyed reading this weekend. I am trying my darndest to read more blogs and comment more, and not just because I signed up for Harriet's March Comment Challenge,  because I really want to connect more (my biggest Achille's Heel when it comes to blogging!). So here we go.....
Small Town Mommy is lamenting the weather  ( again). Just Kidding! This is one funny mommy blogger, and no one can make snow days sound as fun as she does! I have a new prayer to say tonight, thanks to Kat from Mom's Place (I just hope it works out--will let you all know!). I always feel good after reading Maitri's Heart, and her latest post is no exception... and I so want to visit the new cottage!

I am thankfully all caught up with American Idol, and who was cut this week, thanks to Cute As a Buggy! I was intrigued by Mom Fever's Murder Mystery, and Orient Lodge has a new post up today that gave me something to ponder. And finally, I am immensely jealous in awe of Julie from Moms Perspective who got to interview both Soleil Moon Frye & Melissa Joan Hart from TV’s “Punky Brewster” and “Sabrina The Teenage Witch!"

So that about wraps up my Sunday reading  list for today!  Off to take the munchkin boys to the park--Have a great Sunday afternoon, and see you all Monday!