Hallmark Ovation Contest: A Girl's Gotta Laugh

I think truer words may never have been spoken! So many days I find myself ready to cry at the madness that is my life, but then if I just laugh, it feels so much better. Hallmark and Ovation TV must understand women and stress, and how important bonding and laughing can be, because they have joined together and started a new contest called "A Girls Gotta Laugh".

The objective of the contest is to create a funny card that helps any mom laugh about the crazy reality of motherhood. The contest launched on Feb 8th and the deadline for submissions is Feb 22nd. 24 winners will be selected to have their greeting card creation sold in stores and one lucky winner will have their card broadcast on Ovation TV - reaching more than 38 million homes!

To learn more about the contest, visit Ovation TV which offers step by step instructions on how you can create an award-winning greeting card. plus there's a direct link on the Ovation site where you can visit Hallmark and enter your work.

Good luck if you enter, and remember to laugh today! (hey, it beats crying!!)

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.