Rainbow Brite Returns

Rainbow Brite is back, along with her pals, Moonglow and Tickled Pink.

When Hallmark first introduced the Rainbow Brite brand about 25 years ago, girls all over the world fell in love with this colorful character. Rainbow Brite was launched with a consumer products program that included toys, books, comic books, cereal, party goods and even a traveling stage show. Girls enjoyed Rainbow Brite as a TV series, in addition to three TV specials and a feature film.
As a part of the re-launch of this adorable doll, we received a Rainbow Brite promotional cd pak. The CD has games, puzzles, and songs. And I'll share a secret that cannot go farther than this blog (like....do not tell the hubbs..ok?) My two munchkin boys loved the Rainbow Brite games. I think that is cool. But hubby is another story. Anyhoo. After playing some games, we checked out the new Rainbow Brite website, and I got all nostalgic and sappy and  watched new mini-episodes. My three year old especially liked the horses.... Starlite, Shimmer and Sunrise. I think my five year old appreciated the "new look" of Rainbow and Co. (though of course he does not have the old "look" to compare. Let's just say Rainbow and her pals are, uh, more contemporary and a tad 'grown-up' now as compared to the original versions of the doll...)

The newest Rainbow Brite fashion doll collection is now available at Target, and soon will be in Toys R' Us. If my munchkin boys happened to be munchkin girls, we would so be buying some of these dolls because I love them and they bring back such happy memories!

(Maybe I could bribe convince my 12 year old daughter to take up playing with dolls again.) 

I received a Rainbow Brite promotional cd pak from Momselect and Hallmark. The opinions expressed are my own and I was not compensated for this review.

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.