General Hospital: Are You Watching?

Port Charles has been amazingly tense, sad, brutal and as always, filled with conflict these past couple of weeks! If you have not been able to keep up with all things GH, but are a fan of the soap, fear not...I am your GH Ambassador ready to bring you the latest happenings.

Tension continued increasing between Dante, Sonny, Jason and Michael. Dante believes Michael witnessed Sonny kill Carly, and thinks Sonny should allow Michael to testify in Sonny's trial. Jason is adamantly opposed to Michael testifying against his father. Jason and Sam take Michael to Sonny's hideaway Island (just where is that place??). Michael manages to slip away and take off. Will he go back to Port Charles and confess that he actually killed Claudia?

Jax and Carly. What can I say here. Jax and Carly. Games. Who can make who jealous. Jax hates Sonny. Carly will always love Sonny in some sense of the word. Jax thinks Carly should handle Michael differently. Jax and Carly.

Ethan has a fast-expiring VISA. What to do? Luke says go back to Australia; Let tensions between Ethan and Johnny die down, get a new VISA and return to Port Charles. Ethan is not a happy camper. He continues to play with fire (aka, Johnny.) Tracy offers to divorce Luke, and marry Ethan to keep him in the country. Luke finally has to 'fess up to how he really feels about Tracy to stop her from going through with her plan. Ethan becomes much more of an unhappy camper when Kristina interferes with his love life. He not-so-gently- rebukes Kristina and argues with her in front of customers at the Haunted Star. Not good.

Lucky, Elizabeth and Nicholas. Nicholas wants Elizabeth and her baby. Lucky continues to insist he does not want, nor loves, Elizabeth and her unborn baby. Elizabeth continues to tell Nicholas she does not want to be with him --even if he turns out to be the baby's father. And she certainly does not want his money. All three meet with Elizabeth's psychiatrist at Shady Brooke to try and help Elizabeth figure out why she had an affair with Nicholas to begin with.

Kristina cancels a date with Keifer. Kristina goes to see Ethan (whom Kristina has also managed to cancel a date he had with another woman...Johnny's secretary!). Ethan is angry with Kristina and escorts her (albeit roughly) from the Haunted Star. An upset Kristina heads to the Port Charles Hotel and tries to order a Cosmopolitan (yum.) Sam sees her and changes the order to a Shirley Temple.

Meanwhile, an extremely angry Keifer is pounding on Alexa's door, calling out for Kristina to answer. Later, Sam brings Kristina home, they talk a while, Sam is upset that Kristina has bruiseson her arm from Ethan escorting her out of the Haunted Star. After a while, Sam leaves.

Kristina hears a knock, opens the door, and is confronted by an angry (that is putting it mildly) Keifer with hands fisted. He has over heard the conversation between Kristina and Sam about Kristina's feelings for Ethan.

Kristina is brutally beaten. Ethan finds her and takes her to General Hospital. When Kristina resumes consciousness, she tells everyone that Ethan beat her up. Sigh. But we all know it was Keifer. Sigh.

Elizabeth's paternity test results are in: Nicholas is the father. But is he really?  Helena is shown busily making preparations at Windemere for a baby nursery.

Ethan is in big trouble. He hopes DNA testing will prove he did not attack Kristina (but doesn't he remember grabbing her arm roughly at the Haunted Star??) Alexis begs for Sonny to not kill Etan. Luke wants Ethan in jail for his own safety. Kristina talks with Keifer who visits her in the hospital and thanks her for saving his life (from Sonny's men), and says they can move past this.

Lucky is suspicious of Keifer. Jason is confused by discrepancies in Kristina's story.

Now you are caught up with everything Port Charles. What will be Friday's cliffhanger? Any guesses?

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@2023 All Rights Reserved.