Having an Oscar Party?

I love the Academy Awards...from the red carpet arrivals, the speeches, the actors and of course, the fashion! We always make a fun night out of it, inviting some friends over and having some wine with potluck as we all make our guesses on the winners.

Hyundai has a really fun recipe widget (check my right sidebar for it,) that offers some clever and mouthwatering desserts of this year's nominated films including "Up in the Eclair" and "Inglorious Custards." Are those cute or what? So in between the debating, the oohing and aahing, everyone can be sure to get their sweet tooth on! You can visit Hyundai on Facebook to play some fun games, and check out their party guide, all in anticipation of a great Oscar night!

And if your favorites don't win an Oscar, you can always drown your dissapointment in a scrumptious eclair, right?

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.