So Are You A Marshmellow Peep Or a Malted Chocolate Egg (Or maybe a Jelly Bean?)

Of course I'm talking Easter Candy here. How many, besides me, raid your kids' Easter Baskets when they're not looking because you are concerned about cavities, sugar-overload, and their health in general and want to do your part to get a sugar rush protect them from too much candy?

Show of hands, please.

So interestingly enough (oh yea, you can put your hands down now), the type of Easter candy you pig out on enjoy might just say a lot about your personality. And I am not making this up. Sheesh. I am sharing this profound information I read in a magazine because I am nice. And looking for blog fodder. (But mostly the nice part.)

According to neurologist Alan Hirsch, M.D., studies show each candy's appearance can be as revealing as its flavor when it comes to guaging personality. Seriously.

So what do the candies have to say? I know you need to know, if only so you can pick the correct candy come Easter Day and look as good as you can, personality-wise of course.

Okay. So if you have a hankering for those cute pink and yellow marshmallow peeps, guess what? It isn't about the marshmallow. Nope, you are intrigued by the cute baby chick silhouette. In other words, you are a visual thinker with a sense of whimsy, not a lover of all things marshmallow necessarily. You are supposedly a lot of fun to be around.

If you are more about the solid chocolate bunnies in the Easter Basket, you are probably a long-term planner. You do not like surprises. The reason you prefer that chocolate bunny over the squishy cute peep? Because you are drawn by its uniform texture. You are loyal, stand by your principles and are the solid one in your family  (kind of like that chocolate bunny in the middle of the Easter

Malted Chocolate Eggs. Yum. You are a seeker of all things interesting and curious. You are also smart, ready for a challenge, and love to experiment. You are also determined to be happy, and will find your path no matter what. You believe life is to be experienced with all your senses.

Do you like chocolate bunnies, but the hollow kind? Then you are a thrill-seeker. You are so not the long-term planner that solid chocolate lovers are. Adventure and spontaneity are your trademarks. You are also impatient-thus the hollow bunny choice. After all, eating the solid chocolate bunny takes too long and gets too boring for someone daring like yourself!

And the revered Jelly Bean (is this not the trademark candy of Easter?) You are a perfectionist. You apparently like to be in control. You are a natural-born leader and love to grab some jelly beans so you can take control and pick the flavor you want.

And last, but necessarily least, those creme-filled eggs. These candies, say Hirsch (not me!), are linked to thoughts of fertility (again, not me saying this, I am just the messenger), and the vanilla in the creme-filled eggs inspire feelings of security and contentment. You are sincere, understanding and good-natured. You are serene and savor life everyday while looking forward to good things ahead.

But what about me someone who eats every candy in the basket without a care and as fast as  I she can before I she is caught, candy-handed by my her children??

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@2023 All Rights Reserved.