GIVEAWAY and Book Review: "It's Either Her or Me (Perfect For Mother's Day!)

Ellie Slott Fisher has found a way to bring humor and wisdom to a relationship women and men alike fear: Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law. See? Didn't a feeling of dread just creep into your heart?  Or at least a nervous twitch take over your eye there for a moment?

Women loving the same man is just a difficult situation all the way around. I look at my little men, and dread the day they fall in love with another woman (yes, right now I have the highest honor a mom can have...both my little guys totally love me. And me alone. Sigh) I think I have more fear in becoming a mother-in-law than in being a daughter-in-law. In fact, I am certain of that. And while I have timidly put my toes into the  relationship pools created by my older sons, I have a long way to go in figuring out how to be a  "mom of my boyfriend, fiance, or husband"  Simply put, I live in fear of becoming a mother-in-law one day. And when my daughter marries...oh my, getting along with her husband's mother is a whole different worry!

So this is why I personally devoured every bit of wit and advice given in Ellie's delightful book, "It's Either Her or Me." I can easily admit right now that while I want my boys to be happy one day in marriages, I will not be a mom that easily parts way with being the love of their lives. Again, sigh. So I know I will need guidance, a shoulder to cry on, and wine. Lots of wine.

Ellie's book is a warm caring collection of real-life stories,examples and commentaries that are poignant, funny and helpful. Fisher spent many hours interviewing and consulting with mothers-in-law, daughters-in-law, psychologists, and husbands, and we get the benefit of all that hard work in her book.

For  Mother-in-Laws-- insights are given such as:

* Why it's important for moms to give up control and let the girlfriend or wife take first place; (Uh? Must I?? Told, you ...I will need help. Serious help.)
* When it's appropriate for a mother-in-law to voice an opinion and how to do so without putting her son on the defensive; (Obviously this is for others. What? Me? Voice an opinion? I don't think so. Sheesh.)
* How moms can reach out to the new women in their son's life without being overbearing; ( I do not know. Is it possible?)

For the Daughter-in-Laws--

* How girlfriends can show respect to their partner's mother, while simultaneously setting boundaries; (I think I Like this one.)
* Why you should trust your boyfriend or husband when dealing with an issue with his mom; (I don't think I can do this!)
* Why it's important to involve your future mother-in-law in the wedding process; (Yes, girls, I will be involved.) (please??)
* How to navigate the often difficult dynamic with a sister-in-law and why that can be so challenging.(ahh...I think Ellie just peeked into my life.)

I will hold on to my copy of "It's Either Her or Me" kind of like a bible. Already it is getting a bit dog-eared and tired looking (never mind the tear stains on some pages,), and I have only had it a short while.

But though I will not let go of my copy, don't worry. You can get your own copy at Amazon or most bookstores. It is so worth buying. And buy an extra for your mother-in-law, or daughter-in-law, or anyone in your life that could benefit from this wonderful book.


To Enter: Do you have challenges in being a daughter-in-law or in being a mother-in-law? Or what do you anticipate being a challenge in either relationship one day?


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@2023 All Rights Reserved.