5 Must Have Fashionable Pieces To Pack For Every Weekend Trip

Twitter Moms and Gap Outlet want to know what women consider their 5 "must have fashionable pieces" that they pack for weekend trips. You know, the 5 clothing items you just cannot survive a weekend getaway without. We do love to get away from time to time, and I know when I go to pack, there are a few things I always make sure to have in my case, The top 5 must haves for me would be:

1. My jeans. I live in comfy worn blue jeans most of the time. I cannot even imagine not having at least one pair with me on a weekend trip.

2. My summer casual dress. Loose and goes to about my knees, this dress and some sandals always make me feel good to go, even on days when I feel bloated! Must have this dress with me. Always

3. My shorts. I prefer khaki-style shorts (my "short short days are a thing of the past!) that I can chase after the kiddos in.

4. My sandals. Have to have a pair of easy to slip on and comfortable to wear sandals in my bag.

5. A cute dressy shirt. I pack one of my favorite dressy shirts to go with my jeans and help dress them up if needed. Otherwise, I wear one of the many T-shirts I also bring.

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.