A Bit Confused Here After Watching Lost Last Night

So I watched the long awaited finale of Lost last night. And I am confused. I need some LOST guidance asap, please.

My first thought after the ending was...."oh, so they have all been dead the whole time."

My second thought was....."then what was all that stuff they supposedly went through....purgatory or something like it?"

My third thought was..."wait, maybe they really did crash and spent all that time on the Island, and as each one died at different times, they had to wait for everyone else before they could move on."

So I need help here. Were they all dead from the beginning? Was the island not real at all? Was the plane debris on the beach supposed to be from the plane crash from the very first episode, or the plane that took off towards the end of last night's show?


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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.