Eclipse is Coming--Got Tickets?

Twilight Fever aka Eclipse is raging in our house right now. My thirteen year old daughter is literally counting down the minutes until the premiere of Eclipse. Last year we waited in line for six hours so we could watch the very first showing of New Moon at our local theater. I thought my toes were frozen beyond repair when we finally got to enter the theater and scramble for our seats.

But I have to admit, when my daughter and I finally got in our seats, popcorn, coffee, assorted treats in hand, the beaming smile on her face made evry minute of standing/sitting/ in that miserable line more than worth it.

I figured I did my "Good Mother " deed of a lifetime (at least as far as this child was concerned,) until a few days ago when I heard..."Mom, it's almost time to wait in line for Eclipse! Aren't you excited??"

Get ready feet. This time around I will be more prepared though. Last time in our frantic rush to secure our spot in line, I forgot my Blackberry so I couldn't even blog while freezing my behind off. We will also bring warmer blankets and some folding chairs.

I only wish Edward knew the sacrifices I am making for him. Sigh.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.