I Have Jury Duty?!

I thought I was excused from Jury Duty. I really did. I was sent was of those official notices last November to appear for jury duty service. But there was a section on the form that said you could be excused for different reasons, one being a primary caregiver. So I primarily am the giver of care for my kiddos everyday, that counts right?

So I called the number on the notice and spoke with a nice woman. At first she said no, that was not an excuse, because after all the kids were in school all day. So I explained that one was in Kindergarten and had to be picked up at 12 everyday, by me: The Primary Caregiver of this child. Then I had another to pick up at 2:45. She did not seem impressed, and was about to say no again, when I got in that I had a third child, who was not even in school yet. That was my out. Apparently a young child not in school qualifies you to be excused from Jury Duty. So she told me to fill out the form, etc etc...and send it in. I was excused and did not have to show up.


Then I got a nasty summons just about a week ago saying I had basically blown off my jury duty, and now was being summoned to appear. Ack. So what happened to my nice lady and my out?? They say now that they never got my form I mailed back, and even though I could be in big trouble for not showing up last November, they decided to be nice and give me a second chance. Lovely.

So tomorrow I will be going to jury duty. I do not have a problem at all with jury duty in and of itself, and normally would be very willing to do my turn, but the hubbs has to take off work and that is not so cool. I am hoping I get excused tomorrow or else we will have to get a babysitter for the next 5 days. ACK.

Wish me luck!!

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.