My Jury Duty Update

 So I showed up at 8:15 promptly this morning for my Jury Duty. I waited in the Jury Call Waiting Room for a while. The chairs were actually comfy, there were plenty of magazines, and a TV (that did not have Dora, Diego or Spongebob on it!)  But what I didn't realize I would like so much about this room, was that it was quiet! No one calling me, no fighting over the TV, no diapers to change, no food to cook, spills to clean up.....nothing but me and a stack of magazines to read. One must become immune to noise when one becomes a mother, because until today, I have not realized how much I have missed the blissful sound of...quiet.

Jury Duty could be alright after all.

I thought about calling the hubby to check on things at home...for about 30 seconds. Then I figured he was fine. The kiddos were fine. And whatever might come up, well, he was a grown man. He can handle it. And I further decided that I would not risk losing my sense of pure serenity at that moment by hearing about a fight between the boys over who got to eat their oatmeal out of the Spider-Man bowl that morning.(Note to self: remember to buy a new Spider-Man bowl asap!) Nor did I want to feel guilty because I was sitting in a deluxe Jury Waiting Room while my hubby moaned on the phone to me with yelling kids and barking dogs in the background. Nope, I was not going to chance my nirvana time!

I even started changing my mind about trying to be excused because I am a full time caregiver of a small child (That is how it was posted on the sheet they gave.) So maybe a babysitter wouldn't be so bad.....maybe the hubbs could take another day or two off....maybe.....

Then it ended. Just like that we were all excused. What?? But now I want to serve....really, I want to! Nope. No jurors needed today because there were no new trials starting today. So Thanks for can go home now.

I looked longingly at the magazines waiting to be read, I slowly stood up from my comfy chair, met the glances of some other grown-ups (imagine, me being in a room of only grown-ups!) who looked like they were as torn as I was.....and left.

Motherhood. Got to love it when sitting in a courthouse all day sounds more like a vacation then your civic duty.


@2023 All Rights Reserved.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.