Jul 6, 2010

Did You Watch Jake and Vienna's Interview Last Night?

Did you watch the interview with The Bachelor's Jake and his now ex-fiance, Vienna? OMG. What a mess that was. I am so upset with a) Jake and b) Chris Harrison! Vienna, well..I was never a fan of hers when she was vying for Jake's love (in the form of a rose) on The Bachelor, but I am on Team Vienna today.

Jake. Hm., was I the only one completely fooled by this guy? He came across as a nice guy looking for love on The Bachelor, didn't he? After watching his smug prissy smiling face last night, I figure that this guy used the show (as everyone seems to be doing now) just to get his little pilot foot in the door of Hollywood.

Vienna called Jake a "Media-Whore" last night. I agree.

The guy showed zero emotion. He was cold as a fish towards Vienna (who maybe tried crying a bit too much, and talked maybe a bit too much, but still...a little compassion Jake?)

No, I am wrong. Jake did show emotion last night. Some scary emotion, actually. This guy has some anger in him, and he certainly let us get a glimpse of it when he demanded Vienna be quiet. I almost thought we would see a fist hit something. Or someone. (Run Vienna. And do not look back.)

And what was Chris Harrison's problem? Seriously, Chris acted like he knew Vienna was wrong, Jake was holier than thou, and he would graciously and gently call Vienna on the grand errors of her ways.

Was that the sole purpose of the interview? Did ABC want to get Bachelor viewers to feel bad for Jake while portraying Vienna as a money hungry unfaithful bad fiance who hurt little Jakey's feelings by using a GPS?

Chris Harrison, you so disappoint me. Jake you simply disgust me. Vienna, you confuse me, but make me feel sorry for you.

And that final scene between Jake and Chris---- (after an emotional Vienna ran off stage in tears) what the H** was that?

Jake smiling that ridiculous little tight superior smile. Chris gently prodding up his ego while asking Jake "What was that?" (referring to Vienna's emotional exit), and having to listen to Jake sigh and smugly say "Unfortunately, that is what one of our arguments looks like,"  "It's kind of embarrassing."


I believe Vienna. I am sure Jake was as cold and hurtful towards Vienna behind closed doors during their relationship as he was on TV last night. Jake, you came across to me as a narcissistic ego-maniacal controlling jerk  who thinks he is perfect and God's gift to women, and to Hollywood.

Go fly a plane Jake. And take Chris, your 'bestest friend,' with you. Make it a one way trip if you can.

Image: Vienna Girardi and Jake Pavelka from ABC's "The Bachelor" (ABC)


Tamar said...

OMG!!! you have just wrote exactly what i felt when watching this awkward interview!!!

I didn't like Vienna but after that interview all i wanted to do is smash that smug stupid face of Jake's!!!

and Chris's reaction, well i guess he got his rating for the show so that's why he was on Jake's side!

Irene said...

Thanks Tamar! I am so upset today after watching that interview last night...grrr!

Do you suppose there is a line forming to smash that smug stupid face of Jake's? I'd even wait overnight if the line was that long, LOL.

Denisejacocks said...

Yes Yes Yes...Jake was my hero and now his true colors appear. He is nothing but a narcissistic ego-maniacal controlling male jerk! I really trusted him and thought he was smart and knew what he wanted. I guess you can say he knows what he wants....fame fame and more fame. I often wonder what his parents are thinking...I can only imagine that he is one spoiled brat and always gets his way....at home that is! He is not looking for a wife he is looking for a maid and someone to show himself off. Vienna was not my first choice by any means...but and I mean but she came off truthful and honest last night. She was really sincere. I think he didn't like or love the fact that she is a confident woman who can take care of herself. He can go blow himself!!!

Irene said...


I agree with everything you said! Jake looked so smug...like a little boy who has gotten away with stealing every cookie in the cookie jar and successfully blaming his little sister!

I still want to smack the jerk. Poor Vienna (I never thought I would refer to her that way!) I hope she can get past her anger, pain and hurt and move on.